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This book, which is dedicated to the next President of the United States, seeks to restore the bipartisan tradition of American leadership in world affairs. It was made possible through the generous support of the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation.


“The John Hay Initiative represents some of the best thinking on American foreign policy at a particularly dangerous time for our country and the world. Their new book is a comprehensive and thoughtful analysis of how to restore America's proud history of strong, confident, and principled global leadership.” 

Governor Mitt Romney

“The world hungers for American leadership and this book provides a blueprint for American leaders who believe, as I do, that when America leads from the front, the world is more secure, prosperous, and peaceful. America is an exceptional nation and we should never apologize for that. We have a unique role to play in the world and we urgently need to regain that pride and confidence that has led America to become the strongest country in the world.” 

– House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy

“It is not enough to point out the obvious flaws in the Obama Administration's handling of foreign policy. To be successful, Republicans must also make the case for a better approach. This book shows what a better approach on foreign policy and national security should look like.” 

– Karl Rove



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